ME'N'K8 Industries

Recycled Plastic Tops for 15 Litre recycling bins with both Maori and English wording.

These bins are excellent for wet areas ie kitchens, bath/shower rooms etc

$26.00 each

12 litre plastic storage bins.

Made locally from fully recycled plastics.

$5.00 1 - 10 units

$4.60 11-30 units

$4.10 30+ units

Please note;

Lids for the bins are not yet available and are not included in the price or description.

10 litre cardboard recycle bins for the office and office kitchen

$26.00 each

See description above

$26.00 each

Builders Packers

These recycled plastic packers are for where that extra 1 - 15mm of height is needed.

We sell these per pack of 10 rather than a box of mixed packers so the buyer does not end up with a quantity that are not required.

Below left in the picture are the deck spacers.

Also see the line on the packers which is a snap off point to reduce the overall size.

Please call for prices.