ME'N'K8 Industries

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Our products include:

Premium Nut Butters,

All Weather Children's Outdoor Play Furniture

Recycled Cardboard furniture,

12 litre Coloured Bins,

Building Packers,

15 litre Rubbish Bins with purpose labeled tops in English and Te reo

All Natural Honey from Central Honey - Ashhurst.

Our Peanut Butter is a naturally nutritious food packed full of goodness.

We use double dry roasted Hi Oleic nuts. We DON'T add preservatives, additives,

emulsifiers, oils, sugar or salt.

We send anywhere in the country.


Our Freight Terms and conditions

Freight costs will be shown on order and are not included in the

body of the website;

All nut butter, honey and plastic bins orders will continue to be

sent by courier at the buyers expense Rural orders incur a $4.75 surcharge.

We will unless discussed with the buyer deliver furniture orders ourselves.

This is a door to door service at better then general freight costs.

This cost plus tolls where applicable, must be paid before the buyer takes

possession of the items.

Freight is based on a m3 rate and identified zones within the North Island.

South Island freight will be through commercial freight channels unless

we have a minimum of 20 m3.

Nut Butter and Honey Manawatu Craft and Food Show 2020

Manawatu Craft and Food Show 2020

Envirotube, bins and soft toys.

Manawatu Craft and Food Show 2020

And just as a little extra we have a few very cuddly toys on the stand

Toddler picnic table

Center bin for toys, art supplies, scraps etc

Center piece of the seat has been removed to make access for disabled.

Push chairs, wheel chairs or adult sized chair/stool

15 litre bins with display purpose tops

English and Te reo

These bins are especially good in wet areas, ie kitchens, bathrooms,

camp ground amenities etc.